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Electrosonic sole distributor of MAXHUB in SA

By Sithembiso Xaba

I recently sat down with Bruce Genricks, the CEO of Electrosonic SA, to find out why the much-anticipated MAXHUB brand has the AV industry talking.

Electrosonic added the MAXHUB 4K Ultra HD interactive display and Wireless screen-sharing dongle to their offering as the perfect all-inclusive solution for meetings of a collaborative nature.

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ELECTROSONIC SA launched ProSpectre professional displays at Mediatech 2017. Why is ELECTROSONIC taking on the MAXHUB collaborative interactive display brand?

Bruce Genricks (BG): MAXHUB fills a different market to what ProSpectre does. It is an all-inclusive solution as the displays incorporate cameras, microphones, and a pre-loaded suite of software together with Microsoft Windows. MAXHUB takes away the need to have to wait for the IT guys to set up the machinery and license the products to the units. With MAXHUB it is easy to set up and present, which makes it the perfect solution for both classrooms and collaborative meeting areas. With ProSpectre, you have a blank canvas that allows you to install your preferred software. ProSpectre is ideally suited for corporates who buy bundles of licenses and have adopted specific software packages.

What does the MAXHUB product offer to clients?

BG: MAXHUB offers wireless presentation and collaboration. It offers both a dongle-based click-to-present option for laptops, as well as application based sharing for both IOS and Android devices. MAXHUB offers interactivity, white boarding, and screen-sharing. You can draw on the whiteboard, collaborate with others and load other products such as Zoom Rooms or Skype for meetings. All information can be backed up on cloud-based services or stored on board.

Which applications are the MAXHUB products best suited for, and for which vertical markets?

BG: One of the most important markets for MAXHUB is education as the new buzz word is smart classrooms, where people can collaborate within a smaller space using the MAXHUB product. Educators and lecturers can collaborate with their pupils and wirelessly present on it. MAXHUB can also be used in many applications within the corporate space especially in huddle spaces and boardrooms.

How many sizes does MAXHUB come in?

BG: The MAXHUB range currently offers 55”, 65”, 75”and 86” screen sizes.

What other brands/products of ELECTROSONIC can MAXHUB be combined with to form a full solution?

BG: MAXHUB can be combined with the Lumens PTZ cameras, especially in larger spaces; where you’ll be able to pan around the room during a lesson/lecture. The other product the MAXHUB could be paired with is the Adena tracking camera; which automatically follows the presenter as they move around the classroom. The MAXHUB on-board camera can capture the audience whereas the presenter could be tracked by the Adena camera. Adena’s Lecture Capturer can record the entire lecture as well as stream it.

In small classrooms, the teacher could be teaching and have remote learners watching the same lecture online, record it at the same time and make it available for people who aren’t participating. You could then send the file to them so they can view it in their own time.

We offer a variety of complimentary products from some of our other brands. These include room connectivity solutions and control from Kramer Electronics.

When will the product be available in SA?

BG: The MAXHUB product is readily available and orders can be placed immediately. We also welcome anyone to book a demo for a full illustration of the MAXHUB’s collaborative functionality.

Is ELECTROSONIC the sole distributor of MAXHUB in SA?

BG: Yes, Electrosonic is proud to be the sole distributor in the Southern Africa region. We are responsible for marketing, distribution, repairs, maintenance and the warranty in our region.

For further information or to book a demo, contact Electrosonic’s Pro AV team on 011 770 9800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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