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Kramer amplification is Wonderful!

By Viljoen Lambrecht

Our resident Training Manager & Audio Technology Specialist, Viljoen Lambrecht, conducted another exciting experiment using Kramer’s PA-240Z 240W Power Amplifier.

Below, he shares his experience and findings.

“For as long as I’ve known about high-end audio, I’ve put Kramer on the same pedestal as other great high-end amplifiers.

The reason is simple: Kramer’s achievements and amplification technology over the years has really set the bar in the boardroom and the educational audio market.

Kramer’s latest amplification offering has really springboard itself into the next dimension of high-end class D amplification, with phenomenal sound reproduction.

Kramer PA-240Z Amplification Experiment

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Durability and Design

Professional Studio Grade Signal Conversion Technology includes the latest generation 32-bit advanced Digital Analog Converter architecture to achieve excellent dynamic performance.

Kramer states that the PA-240Z is immune to failure. It includes layers of protection against over-current, DC voltage at the outputs, high frequency and overheating with intelligent heat-sensitive fans for added protection.

Having a great love for acoustics and the audio world, I decided to obviously test the PA-240Z amplifier to the brink of extinction. I used the Kramer Galil 8-C ceiling speakers and then switched to the Kramer Dolev 8 Studio-Grade Speakers. My findings were that whether I used the 100V line or low-impedance, Kramer’s PA-240Z amplifier was rock-solid!

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After all the testing, I decided to take it a notch further and build a Chaldni Plate for a soundwave experiment.

One way to observe the acoustics phenomena is by studying standing waves in a solid medium known as a Chladni plate. Using a signal generator at different frequencies, it creates patterns on the plate that reveal the sounds physical nature.

Now that’s wonderful!

And partnering it with the right frequency reveals a lot…”

You are welcome to connect with Viljoen Lambrecth on 011 770 9800 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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