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Kramer’s VIA range reviewed in depth

Local Integrator shares his view of the Kramer VIA range

By Chaz Nielsen

We just had to share this interesting article by Chaz Nielsen, Sales Executive at Audio Visual Centre's Head Office in Johannesburg. In his review, Chaz discusses various aspects of the Kramer VIA collaboration range, such as Integration with existing networks and Video streaming quality, to name a few...

Kramer VIA 1024x453Ever since Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison first started messing around with wireless signals back in the 1880’s, the technology has just been evolving and expanding so rapidly. Enter the 21st century and we find ourselves in a world that would quite simply cease to exist without wireless connectivity. We control our entire lives through wireless signals on a daily basis, whether it be connecting our smartphones to the Bluetooth of our cars, changing the channel on the TV, controlling our characters on gaming consoles or just calling our moms up to say hi. Everything is wireless!

In fact – some people get offended if they go to a place where there’s no Wi-Fi or corporate businessmen walk into a boardroom for an important meeting and they have to scramble to find the right cable for their laptops to connect to the projector. Sure, a solid cabled option with a fly-lead is always recommended for any AV installation, but these days the top AV & IT Manufacturers spend Billions of dollars each year dedicated to the R&D of Wireless Stability, Connectivity and Interactivity, through technology that ultimately leads to Productivity in the workplace, not to mention less grumpy CEOs in Sales meetings due to plug-in issues.

Well, Kramer has hit the nail solid on the head with their range of VIA Wireless Presentation & Collaboration devices...

Read Chaz's full review why he thinks: "Kramer’s VIA is the way to GO!"

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