MAXHUB Integrated LED Display Terminal

The MAXHUB Integrated LED Display Terminal is suitable for meeting rooms, showrooms, lecture halls and large spaces, offering you the visual experience of a giant cinema screen. The outstanding interaction design and mirroring technology of MAXHUB make your presentation smarter and superior.

HD LED Display:

All-in-one, wireless, complete system, all-in-a-box


2 Men 2 Hours, No Cable No Wire

Meet the MAXHUB Integrated LED Display

Seamless. Wireless. Effortless.

MAXHUB’s highly innovative high-definition large screen video display is delivered as a complete system, including wireless connectivity and screen sharing.This indoor integrated LED display can replace a tiled display, such as a video wall, for a seamless image. Ideally suited for large boardrooms, lecture rooms and auditoriums.


  • Delivered as a complete, all-in-the-box solution
  • Super-simple to install: only TWO PEOPLE around TWO HOUR installation!
  • Incorporates wireless mirroring for up to four simultaneous devices
  • High contrast, 160 degree viewing angle
  • Zero external equipment required (scalers/receiving boards)
  • Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Available in sizes from 110”,138”, 165” and a huge 220”
  • It partners perfectly with the MAXHUB Podium.
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