MAXHUB X3 Collaborative Interactive Display

Collaborative Interactive Displays

The MAXHUB X3 Standard Series display is an interactive UHD screen featuring extensive Collaboration and Whiteboarding software; and Wireless connectivity which all form part of the package. This interactive touch screen is especially popular in the Educational industry and Corporate environtments. Due to its versatile functionality and different sizes on offer, there is also a growing demand for MAXHUB in the huddle spaces, medium- and large sized meeting rooms and boardrooms.

The MAXHUB is available in sizes: 55", 65" 75" and 86".

These impressive screens offer an all-inclusive solution; camera, microphone, front-firing speakers, Intelligent Graphic and Writing Recognition, Interactive Mirroring for up to 4 devices, Pre-loaded white boarding and interactive collaboration software and even Cloud storing.

MAXHUB X3 Standard series is easy to set up and is the perfect COLLABORATION SOLUTION for Smart classrooms, Huddle spaces and Boardrooms.

Ultra-narrow bezel, Ultra-large display, Ultra-clear image

MAXHUB's 4K Ultra-HD large display with ultra-slim bezel delivers wider viewing angle for an immersive experience. Anti-glare technology assures the sharpness of images, even in a bright environment.

  • 4K Anti-glare UHD display
  • 13mm ultra-narrow bezel
  • Available in 55", 65", 75" and 86"

Remote collaboration, Teleconference to any geographic location

  • 8-megapixel camera
  • 6 array microphones
  • 8m voice range
  • Front-firing speakers
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote mirroring
  • Real-time synchronous writing

Intelligent graphic and writing with infrared touch technology

Innovative infrared touch technology ensures a smooth writing experience. Present your ideas and content professionally with MAXHUB's intelligent Graphic and Writing recognition, with user-friendly image and table insertion.

  • 0.04s rapid response time
  • ± 2mm touch accuracy
  • Smart graphics assistant
  • PPT slides annotation

Wireless multi-screen interaction

Wirelessly share images and documents on the large display through PC, smartphones, and tablets, show up to 4 mirrored images simultaneously.

A key point is the fact that your presentation can be controlled from your seat with any mobile device, even when presenting from your Laptop.

Connecting and presenting with MAXHUB X3 is remarkably convenient. Communication and collaboration is encouraged through easy participation, resulting in the most effective meetings.

Extraordinary performance, excellent quality

The 7th Gen Intel CoreTM processors equip the MAXHUB X3 with great performance and reliability. MAXHUB supports Android 7.0 / Windows 10 dual-system, and includes up to 16GB DDR4-RAM. The MAXHUB’s X3 Standard series is compatible with most applications. 

  • Powerful dual-system
  • Core i5 or i7 processors (Windows included)
  • 16GB RAM

Through MAXHUB's ease of use and convenient connection, efficient meetings become a reality.

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