MAXHUB UC Video Soundbar

When international travel is limited, experts can still “visit” and share knowledge with students. MAXHUB UC Video Soundbar reproduces speech with stunning clarity, and its sensitive MEMS microphone array enables productive interaction even with students sitting in the back of a large classroom.


Distance Learning Stars with MAXHUB

Even in large classrooms, MAXHUB UC Video Soundbar engages every student. The large, stunningly sharp display commands attention, and superior audio capabilities ensure every voice is heard.


Reach the World

Teachers can work from home with a single MAXHUB interactive flat panel, one UC Video Soundbar, and a laptop. Students can participate remotely via phone, computer or tablet. Integrated with both camera and speakerphone, UC Video Soundbar enables every student to see and hear clearly.


See Every Detail

The wide-angle lens accommodates every room layout. Auto-framing’s advanced face detection and voice localization algorithms keep all eyes on the speaker. The 12MP camera with 5x digital zoom provides clear detail during video conferences.


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