A job as a cashier may not seem like the best start for a singing career, but if the job is at Shoprite Checkers then it could just be the perfect start. The Shoprite Group runs a performance competition, Shoprite Topstars, to benefits ordinary workers. It’s a talent search that gives Shoprite employees the opportunity to actualise their dreams of becoming a singing star.


For the 2013 competition The Shoprite Group had almost two thousand entries from across Africa. The gala finale was held at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town, where eleven acts wowed the audience and the judges. The event was managed by AmaGroove, whose primary focus is music production. To help them with the technical side of the event they called in CCPP Professional Productions. CCPP is run by a man who, like the aspirant singers of Shoprite, has taken the famous Rocky Horror Show lyric, “Don’t dream it, be It”, to heart.

ccpp-WEBClint Cawood founded CCPP in 2006, with the aim of: “making a difference to the way Industry supplied and delivered service to clients.” Shoprite Topstars 2013 was one of the year’s high-points for CCPP as they went all out to ensure it was a fitting finale to this unique corporate talent show.

The main challenge for Clint and his team was to create an entire truss grid in order to position the lighting and projection exactly where the client wanted it. Creating magic on stage takes thousands of hours practice from the stars, and also the dedication of the technical crew whose unsung work is so crucial to the success of an event. AmaGroove’s Mynie Grové had this to say about the partnership: “In tackling an extremely difficult venue CCPP pulled out all the stops; partnering in a production that empowers ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We all need magic to make our visions reality: CCPP coloured our world with a professional and imaginative contribution.”


The kit used to make it a night to remember


  • 32 Martin Mac 101s
  • 12 Martin Mac 350
  • 18 Martin Mac Aura
  • 2 Jem Compact Hazers
  • 1 Jem ZR44
  • 28 Versa-Lite LED Battons
  • 32 Versa-Lite RGBW Outdoor High Powers
  • 24 Ledforce 7's
  • 24 Source 4 Pars
  • 8 Source 4 36Deg Profiles
  • 3 Lumen Radio DMX Transmitters
  • 5 Lumen Radio DMX Receivers
  • All controlled with a Martin M1 Console

  • 220 Meters of Litec Truss QX 30 & 40
  • 14 CM Loadstar 500kg
  • 8 CM Prostar 250kg

  • 1 Coolux Quad Server & Manager
  • 2 Barco RLM 6 Projectors
  • 2 Christie 14k Roadsters
  • 2 6 x 3,4m Screens
  • 4 4.5 x 2.5m Screens for Set fills

  • 1 Yamaha M7cl
  • 12 x Vertec 4888 Mid-Hi
  • 8 x Vertec 4880
  • 6 x IT 5000HD Amplifiers
  • 10 x IT 9000HD Amplifiers
  • 8 x PRX 12" Monitors


CCPP Professional Productions is a young and dynamic company specialising in technical services and equipment for the events industry. CCPP have a passion for using the best equipment, and this helps them deliver high quality events. CCPP places a big emphasis on partnering with clients in order to create the best possible event for them.

As Clint Cawood, Founder and Director, notes: “We try build partnerships and relations with people that grow and last.” The best way to grow a partnership is to put in the hard yards, something Clint, and his team, do not shy away from: “We work hard, and just when we think we may be done, we work a little harder.” Little wonder that CCPP are highly respected event industry experts in the Garden Route area – they have a branch in Cape Town, and one in George. And their portfolio includes a wide array of events: car launches, music concerts, corporate events, corporate balls, weddings etc.

Clint hints at one of the keys to CCPP’s success: “We believe we have to constantly ignite our passion – do what we love. That makes it easier to deliver the best possible service.”

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