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Air Guard

Air Guard’s immediate task is to improve the hygienic standards in our environment, vehicles, homes, and to protect from harmful bacteria, mould, fungi, and bad odours. Air Guard was founded with the intention of providing effective solutions that meet the best of international standards.


RGBlink is the leading manufacturer of vision mixers, switchers and scalers specifically designed for the live events industry.

Green-GO Communications

The Green-GO communications system is a Ethernet network based digital intercom system. Users can talk to multiple groups and/or direct to other users.

Elation Lighting

Theatrical and Concert Stage, Rental / Production, Studio/Broadcast, House of Worship, Corporate AV, Exhibitions, Night Club / Leisure, Theme Parks & Cruise Ships

Portman Custom Lights

Manufacturer of high quality, beautiful decorative stage lighting. P1 retro lamp / P2 hexaline / P3 PIX3L.

The Snap

SNAP is a novel truss tool that revolutionizes the attachment and organization of cables and sockets within truss designs.


SHOWVEN TECHNOLOGY is an international high-end stage special effects technology and product solution provider.

Martin Professional

Martin is all about fresh ideas, built on a solid basis of experience and an unparalleled range of dynamic lighting solutions.


Columbus McKinnon Entertainment Technology (CM-ET) is the entertainment industry leader in providing quality lifting and positioning equipment for riggers around the globe.


Data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications; mainly for the entertainment industry. A complete range of network switches, converters/nodes and DMX splitters.

Milos Systems

Trussing, Staging Roofs and Decking Solutions. Milos is a part of Area Four Industries group, now the world’s largest aluminium trussing and staging manufacturer.


Kinesys is a technology company specialising in the design, build and installation of motion control systems for the entertainment industry.


LITEC designs and manufactures bespoke and standard aluminium truss systems for entertainment, corporate, film and TV, concert touring, theme park and architectural applications.


Versa-Light is an initiative by Electrosonic SA, and is a cost effective range of LED based products suitable for applications from installation to the live event industry.
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