EclFresnel 2KTW: LED Fresnel FC and Tunable White with colour correction, to replace 2.000W lamp

EclFresnel 2KTW is an advanced LED replacement of traditional 2.000W Fresnel lamps. Offering 6 colour mixing, delivering high precision reproduction of the white spectrum from 2.800 K to 10.000 K with high CRI and extensive colour reproduction. The optical system harnesses the power of a 500W custom LED with 6 colours to create an even projection, beautiful colours and precise whites, with the option to apply +/- green and magenta correction to match other light sources. Featuring HD dimming and tuning from 2.800 K to 10.000 K, the EclFresnel 2KTW delivers both on performance and quality of output that is demanded from this level of light.

Main features:
  • Tunable white 2.800 K - 10.000 K with high CRI and extensive colour mixing
  • +/- green and magenta white tuning
  • Truly silent operation making it perfect for studio and stage use
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