GigaCore 14R

GigaCore 14R
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The GigaCore 14R is a Gigabit Ethernet switch designed to cope with the most demanding lighting and AV installations. Managed through a web interface, the device offers a user friendly experience with an industry specific oriented interface. Fitted with two SFP cages, the switch can support any compliant fiber transceiver, breaking the limit of copper cable run. Two power backup ports at the rear of the unit makes the switch a reliable Gigabit core for your network. The GigaCore 14R comes with a bunch of industry oriented feature, providing a user friendly solution and lowering down setup time.


  • Ethernet connectivity: 12 x Shielded Neutrik Ethercon connectors
  • Fiber connectivity: 2 x SFP cages
  • Ethernet port speed: 1Gbps
  • Serial: 1 x serial RJ45 console port

Key Features

  • Most suitable applications: Touring and live events
  • RLinkX (Link redundancy): Yes
  • Groups (VLAN segmentation): Yes
  • MultiLinkX (Link aggregation): Yes
  • Profile manager: Yes
  • Memory: 4Mb
  • MAC address table:
  • Address learning / Aging: Self learning, Auto aging
  • Switching throughput: 32Gbps
  • IGMP support: Yes (V1/V2/V3)
  • IGMP snooping: Yes, enabled by default
  • Port sensing: Auto negotiation
  • Auto crossover: MDI / MDIX
  • Auto sensing: Full or Half Duplex (Gigabit is Full Duplex)

Giga core RPSU

Optional: Redundant Power Supply Unit (RPSU)

Connect the GigaCore 14R to a GigaCore RPSU for ultimate redundancy, even on power level (and PoE). If for some reason the built-in power supply fails, the RPSU keeps your system up and running.

Quick Facts

  • Tailored for AV industry - Pre-configured settings that are common in the AV industry, such as QoS and IGMP snooping.
  • Easy set-up - Easy group function with pre-configured VLAN’s for a quick set-up (without IT knowledge).
  • Touring approved - Metal housing and ruggedized Ethercon connectors, ideal for touring and live events.
  • Converged networking - Transfer multiple protocols (Dante™, RAVENNA/AES67®, ArtNet, MANet 1&2, sACN,Q-LAN …)
  • Ultimate link redundancy - RlinkX redundancy protocol automatically takes over signal in milliseconds in case of a link failure.
  • PoE+ (optional) - Don’t worry about power plugs anymore. PoE+ powers-up all compatible devices within the network.

When distance matters: Fiber to the rescue.

The GigaCore 14R provides users with two SFP cages for Fiber connectivity. Just connect a multimode or single mode Fiber transceiver to each cage and it will enable you to cover greater distances with a total link immunity up to 10km!

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