Snap it. Hold it.

SNAP is a novel truss tool that revolutionizes the attachment and organization of cables and sockets within truss designs.

The SNAP saves time during assembly and disassembly due to its easy handling . The laying of cables is greatly accelerated by the easy, one-handed handling possible , also eliminates the removal of old adhesive residue on your material. By using the reusable SNAP, you not only reduce your running costs for tapes, cable ties, etc., but also protect your material, as it eliminates the rugged tearing of iso-tape fasteners. The clamp is compatible with all trusses and scaffolding with 48-51mm strap . An assembly is also possible in the otherwise unused brace area.The SNAP is sturdy and tread resistant. It is produced in Germany and is protected by patent. (PAT.PEND. 10 2017 106 520.2)

As HSK-Schulte GmbH it was our goal to develop a tool for professionals. Easy to use, inexpensive to buy , durable and flexible to use . We believe this has succeeded with SNAP.

Developed and produced in-house, SNAP stands for "ideas made of plastic - made in Germany".

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