The Galaxy Pro and Express systems are able to drive multiple monitors or projectors in order to build one large coherent screen denominated “Videowall”. The galaxy Wall control software creates a single canvass across multiple displays. Multiple operators can control information across this canvas and create multiple display windows across the entire video wall. The Galaxy Pro and Express systems can be connected with the local network (ethernet). The default protocol is TCP/IP, but other supported protocols are IPX/SPX, DCL32. With the Galaxy Pro system you can visualise several Video inputs such as PAL, NTSC, and SECAM formats.

The Galaxy Pro and Express controllers are customised computer configurations using the latest high-technology intel pentium processors and standard operating systems (Windows 7) and can be completely integrated with Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP, UNIX/LINUX platforms and Host Systems. The Galaxy Pro and Express systems offer additional software tools for the remote control of the wall area. Multiple operators can control information across the wall and can interact with each other. There are additional tools to control the video information or visualise the operators’ screen remotely.

The customised The Galaxy Pro and Express controller are able to process up to 64 Full HD outputs and 108 live video inputs. The Galaxy Wall control software can manage all the functions requested by the system and assures superlative graphic performances. The The Galaxy Pro and Express range of controllers are modular systems that can be enlarged with additional modules, according to customer’s needs. When required to visualise a great number of video and graphics inputs, a Master controller will manage the wall and other slave controllers with extra input and output cards will accommodate additional requirements.

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