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MAXHUB V5 OS User Guide 

OS User Guide for MAXHUB V5 Interactive Flat Panel includes:

◾ Whiteboard◾ Annotations◾ Small Blackboard◾ Wireless Screen-sharing◾ Presentation◾ Video Conference◾ Quick Widget Tools (Screen recording, Timer, Poll voting, Screenshot, etc.)

  Download MAXHUB V5 OS User Guide


MAXHUB V5 IFP User Manual     

MAXHUB V5 IFP User Manual

There are two ways for connecting with an external device such as a laptop:

1) Connect the laptop with an HDMI cable, a USB Type A male to USB Type B male cable and an audio cable

2) Screen-share with MAXHUB Share application. Info can be found in the MAXHUB Operation Guide

In either way you may set the interactive flat panel as another display

  • Display: You can duplicate the displaying contents on the laptop or use the panel as an extended display
  • Sound: You can select sound to play from the interactive flat panel
  • Touch Control: Touch control can be activated on the panel once the above-mentioned USB cable is connected

  Download MAXHUB V5 IFP User Manual



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