Helvar Router Systems

Helvar Router Systems
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The new DIGIDIM Router system uses standard Ethernet communication to combine DALI networks seamlessly together.

The modularity allows a fully saleable system, from a single office room to the largest office building. Basic functionality is available “out-of-box” without any programming. Advanced functionality is achieved with Windows based programming software.

Each individual router can operate two DALI subnets containing up to 64 control devices and load interfaces on each. The system provides energy saving features via presence detection and constant light functionality. Further automation can be achieved through scheduled events. OPC server software enables interfacing to the building management systems.

Ultimate Reliability

All data is stored within the system itself to eliminate the need for PC control in daily operation. The elimination of a central controller ensures no single point of failure can cause a total system shutdown.

A PC can be connected to system for diagnostics and logging purposes if required.

Digidim range

Helvar also provides a wide range of DALI compliant control devices. The modular control panel range comprises of push-button, rotary, or slider combinations in a range of finishes to suit any modern décor style. DALI areas comprising up to 64 devices can be wired together using any mains rated 2 core cable making wiring easy and cost effective. As a complement to the DIGIDIM range Helvar provides a full range of controllable electronic ballasts based on the DALI protocol.

DIGIDIM router is the central element of the DIGIDIM product range. The router allows seamless connection of a large number of DALI products and other DIGIDIM products. DIGIDIM systems are programmed by using the Helvar Designer software running on a Windows based computer, either locally or remotely. After programming, the computer can be disconnected as it is not required for normal day to day functionality of the system. The computer can also be used to monitor and report system status. All data is stored in the flash memory of the DIGIDIM routers, avoiding the need for cumbersome databases, system can be saved to pc as a backup.

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