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Screen Winch1

for SCREENS from 300 cm up to 450 cm of width

This SCREEN WINCH SYSTEM is a particular lift that enables to lower until 7 mt. electrical screens from 300 cm. to 450 cm. of width.

The Screen Winch is supplied with a manual switch but can be also ordered with an external multichannel RF remote control.

It is supplied with six brackets: three for fixing the winch to the ceiling and three for mounting the screen to the beam.

A cable coiler, to be fixed to the ceiling behind the screen winch, is included; its purpose is to supply power to the electrical projection screen.

A SAFETY DEVICE is built-in in order to offer maximum security in case of any failure of the mechanism.

Optional available: mounting brackets for sloping ceiling or wall mounting.

Screen Winch2


  • Motor:
    • - Power 50 Nm
    • - Speed 11 rpm
    • - Consumption 255 W
  • Roll down speed of Screen Winch System: 19 sec/metre
  • Two strong steel cables diametre: 3 mm – Breaking test load: 350 kg for each cable
  • Screen Winch housing dimensions: 2080x200x170 (WxDxH in mm)
  • Beam dimensions: 45x90 (DxH in mm) – Length of the beam is approximately the same of the length of the projection screen housing
  • Net weight of the Screen Winch System: 40 kg
  • Maximum load that can be hung to the beam: 36 kg
  • Stroke of the winch: up to 7 mt
  • On the Screen Winch can be only mounted one of the following screens MAJOR from 300 cm up to 450 cm of width

Screen Winch3


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