QSTECH Y53 Outdoor LED Display - configurable in various sizes

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Longer Lifespan and More Cost-efficient 

QSTECH’s Y53 outdoor LED display boasts an impressive longevity, ensuring an extended product life cycle that surpasses industry standards. With a design focused on durability and reliability, the Y53 display is engineered to operate seamlessly over an extended period, making it a cost-effective investment.

The emphasis on being "more cost-efficient" refers to a reduction in maintenance and repair expenses, alongside minimized energy consumption, leading to significant long-term savings. The Y53 series outdoor LED screen is a testament to QSTECH’s commitment to providing a reliable, sustainable, and economically viable solution for businesses seeking high-quality display technology.

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Slick Intergration Design with Slim Cabinet

Highly intergrated 2 in 1 board design and simple all-in-one power box design bring a thinner and lighter cabinet
case IP65 rating at front and back allows the screen to easily cope with any harsh environment.

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Stay Cool when Going All Out

Innovative case structure design coupled with high efficiency and energy saving technology bring fast heat dissipation
Stay nice and cool even when playing high-demanding and complex visuals

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Vivid Color with Extraordinary Display

High Brightness, high contrast, high resolution, and high refresh rate
Every color in the world can be shown authentically with ease
Restore the sight to the true image with the true colors, as seen with your eyes.


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