Sometimes when it’s cold, and you feel lonely, you probably ask yourself – ‘Is there any joy to being single?’ That’s if you’re single of course. If not, you snuggle up warmly to your lover, smile smugly to yourself, and spare a fleeting thought for those poor sods who must endure the loneliness of singledom over the chilly winter months.


But, there are joys to being single: your romantic future is wide open, as you eagerly anticipate Mrs, or Mr, Right galloping, shining armour and all, out of a shimmering, sepia dream and into the bright, full-colour light of reality. And if that doesn’t happen, then 94.7 Highveld Stereo can help out. First they gave South Africa the Xmas Wish, doling out cash and love to those who deserve it most. Now they’ve taken pity on South African singles (the sexy ones); together with Virgin Atlantic, they’ve put together the Singles Shack-up Party - a competition in which the winners of a sexy singles competition are flown to the hottest parties in the country.

The second such event took place on 1 August at Katy’s Palace Bar, a unique rooftop venue in Kramerville, Sandton. By all accounts it was a rip-roaring success that saw many a sexy single find true love and pictures. They say the difference between erotica and smut is the lighting, and hence the importance of getting the lighting just right for the Singles Shack-up Party. When you need to strike the perfect balance between romance and raunch; and when you need lighting that is unforgettable, unique and flawless, look no further than Pristine Moods Productions. They’re a Gauteng based event production company who have been tasked with doing the lighting (and other technical requirements) for the Singles Shack-up Parties.

Lior Manelis, the driving force behind Pristine Moods Productions, took it upon himself to ensure the Singles Shack-up Party at Katy’s Palace Bar exuded the ambience for amour. When it comes to getting the lights just right Lior swears by his Martins: “Martins made the party pop! The colours and the programming, from a lighting design perspective, turned those sexy singles into outright belters.”

Any particular belter takes your fancy Lior? “No, {laughs}, I only have eyes for my beautiful wife – but if I had to choose I’d say the belle of the ball was the Martin Rush Beam”. Trust a techie to get hot for his gear. “This was the first time I’ve used Martin Rush Beams, and they’re phenomenal: hands down the best in breed, and the best value for money.”

A last word please Lior: “We always enjoy excellent customer service from Electrosonic SA; and, the package of a great product, along with first class service, has nudged me towards buying some Martin RUSH Beams.”

Equipment List:

  • 4 x Martin MAC 250 Krypton
  • 6 x Martin RUSH Beam
  • 12 x Martin MAC101
  • 24 x Versa Light LED Cans
  • 1 x Martin M2PC
  • 1 x JEM Compact

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