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Milos Stage Kits are a seamless combination of versatility and stability, our xStage Platform Systems are designed to provide users with an infinite range of size & configurations.

We offer both standard stage packages and specific stage configurations to create platforms and risers. All stage decks are fully compatible with Prolyte.

CLICK HERE to download various set-up configuration samples (Pdf only 180Kb)

xStage S3

S3 is the perfect self-build platform system for basic stage applications. The light-weight aluminium profile combines with a rigid deck construction to create simple stage configurations. The low-profile stage is available with outdoor (water-resistant) plywood or plexi glass or honeycomb composite deck.

CLICK HERE to download technical specs for xStage S3 (Pdf only 279Kb)

xStage S8

S8 is an extremely versatile heavy-duty platform system enabling users to construct large size stages in almost any configuration imaginable. The specially designed S8 profile enables the platforms to be combined with Layher, one of the world´s leading scaffolding systems, to provide a vast range of products and accessories for all stage applications. The comprehensive range of components featured in the S8 range includes custom shapes and loading ramps to add perfect form and function to any platform project.

CLICK HERE to download technical specs for xStage S8 (Pdf only 281Kb)

Kindly contact Renier Smit to discuss your specific requirements: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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