Cine Pro

The CINE PRO is a large dimension electrical screen available from 8 mt. up to 12 mt. of width. Cine Pro is the best choice for cinemas, theatres or auditoriums. It assures the possibility to join the need to have projections and the alternative to play a performance on a stage.

The Cine Pro structure is equipped with an aluminium tube which is, at the same time, rolling pipe and bottom bar. The capstan electric motor unit (the heart of the system) which is located in the middle of the structure, transmits, by the steel cables, the rotation of the winding pipe determining the rise or the descent of the cloth in a quiet and safe way.

The Screen Int. R&D department has developed a new and unique SAFETY SYSTEM that prevents eventual rolling down of the aluminium tube, in case of accidental failure of the motor or of the steel cables or of the cloth.




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