4K UHD HDMI & Computer Graphics with Ethernet, Bidirectional RS−232, IR & Stereo Audio over HDBaseT Transmitter & Step−In Commander

The DIP−20 is an 4K UHD HDBaseT transmitter and step−in commander for computer graphics video, HDMI, unbalanced stereo audio signals embedding and de−embedding. The DIP−20 accepts an HDMI and PC graphics video input, an Ethernet signal, serial data, and an unbalanced stereo audio input (which is embedded into the output signal), and transmits the signal via HDBaseT (twisted pair) cable to a compatible receiver (for example, the TP−588D or the TP−580RXR). The DIP−20 is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) provider and can power compatible PoE acceptors, (for example, the TP−588D and the TP−590RXR).


  • Max. Data Rate − 10.2Gbps (3.4Gbps per graphic channel) with 4K UHD support.
  • Automatic Live Input Detection
  • Local Step−In Switching
  • Provides PoE Power
  • Size - MegaTOOLS™
  • Audio - U/E
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