Media Station KL-3W

Portable Media Capture Solution

With a standard 7” LCD display, AREC KL-3W is a lightweight, portable and all-in-one Media Station, allowing users to simultaneously capture, switch, mix, stream and record live events in a simple and efficient way.

Compatible with AREC AM-601 Wireless Microphone*, AREC KL-3W makes it simple and convenient to live stream and record multi-sources activities in demanding portable applications.

Capture Up to 3 Video Sources at the Same Time

KL-3W supports capturing up to 3 video sources through HDMI / VGA/ RJ45 interfaces*. Through suggested video streaming app, KL-3W also can receive live videos from iOS or Android smart phone and tablet. It allows users to add a video source via mobile phone camera or other novel device. With this new feature, KL-3W is compatible with camcorder, laptop, PC, network camera, mobile phone, drone, digital microscope, and wireless microphone etc. With audio support, KL-3W can mix audio via HDMI, 3.5mm stereo and AREC wireless microphone.

* Supports DVI and component video cable inputs with appropriate DVI to HDMI or component to VGA adaptors.
** To receive a live video from your mobile device, please apply necessary settings in advance. Please refer to KL-3W user manual for more details
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