Ponderosa™ 6464HD3G

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64 x 64 multi-format 3Gbps HD-SDI/SDI video routing switcher

The Ponderosa 6464HD3G features multi-rate digital video boards that handle standard serial digital video signals including SMPTE 310M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 344M and DVB-ASI up to 540 Mbps along with HD serial digital video signals conforming to SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 424 3G. The Ponderosa 6464HD 3G control system also allows easy set up for 3.0Gbps two- channel operation (Dual Link).

The Ponderosa 6464HD3G is outfitted with a standard TCP/IP port for IP (Ethernet) control via Mac or PC and offers an RS-232/422 serial interface supported by all major third party control systems. Fiber optic I/O boards, A-to-D and D-to-A video cards, redundant processors and power supplies are optional. The Ponderosa 6464 HD3G routing switchers are interoperable with any Sierra Video routing switcher, including analog or digital audio, component video or our RS-422 machine control router.


  • HD-SDI/SDI multi-format flexibility
  • 19Mbps – 3Gbps HD-SDI/SDI video
  • Up to 64x64 in 4RU frame, up to 128x128 in 8RU frame
  • Modular design: expandable by 8 input and/or 8 output increments
  • Fibre optic I/O board set option – direct connection for single mode LC connectors
  • D-to-A video card option for monitoring or distribution of composite video
  • A-to-D video card option for conversion and routing of composite NTSC/PAL to 270Mbps SDI
  • Intelligent reclocking options
  • Hot-swappable video I/O boards, CPU boards, and power supplies
  • Optional redundant power supplies and controllers
  • Full range of Sierra control hardware and software components, including remote control panels, IP and serial control
  • Supported by most major third party control systems
  • GPI/GPO control/alarms

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