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Create your remote study and work environment with AREC’s Media Capture System

Create your remote study and work environment with AREC’s Media Capture System

There’s no better time than now to switch from the traditional method of working and setting up an office to work or study from, remotely.

With the global epidemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) reaching the shores of South Africa and creating an uproar of terror and anxiety, and organisations shutting down operations for quarantine, now’s the time to re-adjust, make plans to keep yourself safe and healthy and get work done.

Why not invest in AREC’s Media Capture System? You can create your own office or lecture room in the comfort of your home with a peace of mind. On the plus side, you don’t have to leave the house to fulfil any deadlines.

Blog 20200323 Arec Media Capture System Img02This solution provides the most accessible way for users to organise a remote studying and working environment. With the current global situation we’re experiencing, AREC has specifically launched this out-of-the-box portable set to helps ease the effects of this global crisis. This set includes; LS-200 Media Station, CI-333 Network Camera with Camera Tripod, AM-601 Wireless Microphone and the RADA HDMI to USB Bridge.

The LS-200 Media Station is the ultimate two-channel media station that you can mix, record and stream your video and audio devices on. The elegant and easy to use interface allows you to adjust your video precisely to your needs. It’s lightweight and portable and you can create a professional video in a matter of seconds. You can also upload videos with the built-in webpage called Video Manager on your station. Plus, teachers and administrators can manage videos stored on the devices.

The Media Capture System is packaged in a secure light briefcase – which can be readily used to start recording and streaming work and classes online. It’s also suitable to use with video conferencing software, online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook as well as your VCMS (Video Content Management System) platform. It’s easy to use as you don’t require any IT background - just push the “record” button and start working.

There are many convenient ways to operate this affordable and versatile media station. You can control it without using any apps – simply use the built-in RS-232 control panels, onscreen GUI buttons, web browsers for PC or MAC OS applications.

This complete solution is perfect to use in various settings; in training sessions, meetings, the healthcare industry, places of worship and for live events. So why not take the chance and create this stunning and seamless solution?

Other sets that include the PTZ and Auto-tracking Cameras are available on demand.

Contact our sales representatives for a quote and you’ll be plugged in and switched on before you can say, effortless.
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