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Electrosonic SA, distributor of Audio-visual and Live Events equipment

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Electrosonic SA (Pty) Ltd celebrates over 30 years as Southern Africa’s leading distributor of Professional Audio-Visual system solutions and Live Event & Staging equipment. One of the main factors contributing to our success is our stakeholders; a highly skilled and amazing team at Electrosonic, and our international suppliers who manufacture technology-leading product ranges. Furthermore, we highly value the years of loyal support from all our clients who journey with us.

Our company’s mindset is geared towards constantly staying abreast of changing times. We ensure our product offering is innovative and on trend, equipping our clients with the latest technology the world has to offer on ProAV & Live Entertainment solutions.

Electrosonic SA’s vast range of leading-edge ProAV and Live Event equipment is foundational to our clients’ successful project installations. Since our company’s establishment in 1991 we have developed a reputable name in the Live Events and Professional Audio-Visual industries for the quality of our equipment, extensive product warranties, training we offer our clients, on-site repairs, and the 24/7 technical support given to often-complex system- and event designs.

With the transition to a hybrid workplace model, the world has seen significant changes in business communication and cloud-based collaboration systems that enable teams to work remotely. Virtual meetings, online education and hybrid events require up-to-date and efficient technology for workspaces and live streaming environments.

Energy-saving equipment and seamless delivery of digital communications and signage has become the norm on both small- and large-scale projects. People the world over expect a compact, all in one solution that is easy to install, user-friendly, and that operates seamlessly for collaborative team meetings and immersive video conferencing.

Electrosonic SA’s product lines offer these turnkey solutions to all industry requirements.

In a nutshell, our offering include video conferencing and display solutions (unified communication, digital signage, commercial/interactive displays, large format displaysvideo walls & processors and multi-view drivers, enhanced modular indoor- & outdoor LED Walls), live streaming equipmentarchitectural lighting and controlrecording & streaming media processors, professional PTZ and auto-tracking cameras & controllersintelligent lighting & controlcollaborative & AVoIP audio-visual solutionsevent communication systemsstudio/broadcast lightingdecorative stage lightingdata distribution equipmentmotion control systemsTrussing, Staging Roofs and Decking Solutions and rigging equipment.

We distribute throughout the Southern African region from four areas in South Africa. The two offices in Johannesburg include our Northcliff head office and a ProAV office in Blackheath. Our other office is in Durban, and we have representatives operating from Cape Town.

All offices have comprehensive demonstration rooms equipped with the latest technology, fully equipped workshops, stock storage facilities, and state of the art training facilities. Electrosonic SA strongly supports employee development and growth, thus our workforce is fully skilled (of which some are CTS Certified), experienced and knowledgeable in the latest technology. We pride ourselves in always offering our clients world-class service.


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Bruce Genricks, CEO of Electrosonic SA, is a leader who is driven by his ethics and passionately precise in all business decisions.

The driving force behind the organisation’s innovative service and product offering, Bruce is known for his experience and technical knowledge in both the AV and Live Events industries.


Bruce attends and participates in global industry tradeshows, such as Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) and Prolight + Sound, to personally research and select Electrosonic’s ProAV and Live Event suppliers, and each product distributed by the company.

As leader of Electrosonic SA, Bruce Genricks has an “open door policy” to all employees. He encourages the teams to maintain ambitious standards of integrity and insists on excellent customer service together with ethical business practices. With over 30 years of experience, Bruce has a reputation as a thought leader in both audio visual and Live Events industries and served as Chairman of SACIA's ProAV Council from 2012 to 2014.


A strong management team supports Bruce Genricks. The diverse personalities all have different areas of strength - business, finance, marketing, supply chain, system design and technical experience and knowledge. They challenge and assist Bruce daily to continue pushing Electrosonic SA to new levels.

Bruce Schwartz, Electrosonic SA’s Live Events Products Director, leads the team with great enthusiasm. His years of experience in the industry counts in his favour as the team is faced with many interesting challenges on a regular basis. Bruce Schwartz is well-known in the Live Events/Entertainment industry due to his active involvement, vibey personality and enthusiastic approach to every project he tackles. Prolight + Sound, PLASA and Mediatech Africa are tradeshows Bruce attends to source the greatest and latest Live Events products, and to collaborate and build relationships with both suppliers and clients. He participates in important industry-related matters and served as Chairman on the Technical Production Services Association (TPSA BY SACIA) during 2015/2016.


Electrosonic SA is known to be Southern Africa’s most reputable importer and distributor of products from world-renowned brands: QSTECH, RGBlink, MAXHUB, , Kramer Electronics, Lumens, Helvar, ProSpectre Professional Displays, Martin Professional by HARMAN, Green-GO Digital Communications, Obsidian Control Systems, PROLIGHTS, Portman Lights, Milos Structural Systems (Area Four Industries), Kinesys, Luminex Network Intelligence, CM-ET (Columbus McKinnon Entertainment Technology), Showven and Elite Screens, among others.

Equipment supplied for PRO AV installations:

Products supplied for the Live Events / Staging Industry and Architectural Lighting Applications:


Our vibrant and dynamic team is the heartbeat that drives our organisation. We believe in investing in our employees through training and development programmes, as the overall well-being of our team is of foremost importance. Apart from in-house training, team members regularly attend international seminars, formal training, and trade shows to learn more about new products, their applications, and how to best support our clients.

Some of our employees obtained their InfoComm CTS certification, an ISO-standard qualification specifically designed to recognize skill and experience in the professional AV industry. Popular trade shows where we send company representatives to network and learn from include, ISE, Prolight + Sound, PLASA and InfoComm. Once a month we celebrate our unity with a Company Braai where we all socialise, play billiards and darts, and just take time to relax after a hard month's work.


Collectively our team leaders and representative employees have over 100 years of industry-relevant experience.  Electrosonic SA apply this knowledge and expertise to support and partner with our clients. It is our shared team vision to ensure each of our clients’ projects are seamlessly and successfully executed. We therefore offer services which include:

  • Assistance with complex AV System architecture & design
  • On-site support with Theatre, Studio and Event installations
  • Alternative equipment and system solutions for any specified product not available within the time limit of our client’s project installation
  • 24/7 Helplines for technical support
  • Unparalleled product Warrantees
  • Technical workshops for instant equipment servicing and repairs
  • Knowledge-sharing of trending, innovative & the latest in Pro AV & Live Events technology


Electrosonic SA strives to always ensure that the VALUE we add far exceeds the cost of our products. We have your back 24/7 with technical support for both Pro AV and Live Event products. Yes, we walk the road with our clients! And to add, we equip you with Training, thus the knowledge to stay on top of your game! So why PARTNER WITH US!

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Conferences, executive briefings, presentations and product launches are more effective with the correct combination of AV equipment. Videoconferencing systems enhance business communications, while video walls and large screen projection show clients and colleagues the big picture. In boardrooms, training and presentation rooms, discreetly installed equipment with touch- screen control provides the coordinated presentation of audio, video, data and graphics, while also controlling lights, blinds and room temperature.

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At music concerts, in theatres, in broadcast television and video production, lighting creates atmosphere and alters mood. Changing colours and levels of brightness set the scene for dramatic productions, and no concert or nightclub is complete without intelligent lights moving to the beat and keeping the party on its feet. Big screen displays show artistes on stage and bring music videos into the rave, with fog machines adding to the atmosphere with fog and haze.

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Home theatre systems turn your lounge into a private cinema with a single touch. At the press of a button the blinds and curtains close, the lights dim, the screen appears and the opening credits roll. Sophisticated control systems combine cinema surround sound, DVD, video, DSTV, broadcast TV, room functions and even security surveillance. All you have to do is sit back, relax and immerse

yourself in the movie, while controlling all functions from your sofa or armchair.



Intelligent interior lighting is a powerful tool in both home and office for instantly altering levels of light to suit changing needs. With control at your fingertips at home, dim the lights for dinner with friends, raise the spotlight on works of art, or darken the room to watch a movie. In boardrooms and other corporate environments, one touch control brings up the lights for working on documents or lowers them for better screen viewing of video or computer data presentations.

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From simple sound effects to massive multi-media shows, audio-visual systems inform and entertain visitors to museums, planetariums, theme parks, heritage sites and visitor centres. The journey of discovery comes to life as sound, light and images provide insight into past, present and future. Touchscreen control puts viewers in the driving seat of multimedia interactive displays, allowing visitors to choose their own route through a world of discovery combining audio, video, data and graphics.


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Promoting and selling products and services in the new millennium demands innovative concepts and dynamic technology. In stores, shopping malls and showrooms across the globe, custom gobos move manufacturer logos across floors, walls and ceilings to capture interest and focus attention. Big screen displays and video walls add colour, movement and impact at point of sale, getting the message across and holding audience interest in product launches, promotions and demonstrations.

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Whether in traffic control, security and emergency services, utility supply companies or the military, decision makers can monitor activity, keep abreast of changes and make informed decisions through networked communications. Sophisticated image processing and display devices – from single monitors to video walls – accommodate multiple sources of information from live TV to high resolution graphics.

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Exterior lighting is light years away from the time when only our streets were lit at night with the pale beams of sodium lamps. Architectural lighting today provides a broad palette of exciting colours and more than a million hues for ‘painting’ buildings in light. A kaleidoscope of colours, movement and images are used with powerful impact to emphasise different elements from the entrances to the roof tops of homes, corporate headquarters, casinos, hotels, amusement and theme parks, and special outdoor events.

Electrosonic SA has distribution agreements with leading manufacturers around the world. We evaluate and ensure that all the products that we import are of the highest quality and the latest technology.


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A company of CVTE, QSTECH designs and manufactures high quality, indoor and outdoor LED Wall displays with award-winning innovative technology, such as intelligent power supply for dynamic energy-saving. Products include the highly transparent outdoor mesh panels which are both super slim and light, and a range of modular all-in-one indoor LED Wall options.

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Renowned for innovative design, the MAXHUB range's focus is on LED screens, collaborative interactive display solutions and unified communications, with industry leading features that are geared toward productivity. MAXHUB’s applications and products are ideal for conferencing, auditoriums, training centres, smart classrooms, huddle spaces and boardrooms.

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Renowned in the AV industry as a leading manufacturer of video wall processors and LED controllers for professional audio-visual applications. Their range includes Mixed Signal variations, Universal Processors and Switching & Scaling equipment.

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KRAMER Electronics

With four decades of innovation and technology, Kramer’s audio-visual experts are designing the future of engagement technology: AVoIP, wireless presentation & collaboration equipment, room connectivity, control & management systems, switchers & matrices, distribution amplifiers, cables & connectors, scalers & convertors, presentation systems, etc.

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ProSpectre Professional Displays

Quality and advanced technology. Professional Displays - Large Screen, 4K UHD Interactive, Video walls and Digital Signage for various vertical markets such as hospitality, retail, education, corporate, control centres, airports/public transport.

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Lumens PTZ Cameras

High quality professional PTZ cameras, document cameras, camera controllers and recording & streaming media processors. A full solution for video conferencing, classrooms and distance learning.

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Sierra Video Broadcast Equipment

Video and audio equipment for broadcast, post- production, presentation and professional video.

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Helvar Lighting Control

Helvar specialises in intelligent and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Open and flexible lighting controls and luminaire components for smart environments. Their lighting control solutions are designed to be open, scalable and future proof. Whether lighting controls for a meeting room, an office floor, an entire building or a campus, Helvar has the solution - ranging from a simple out-of-the-box to a full scale, interconnected solution.

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Elite Screens (Projections Screens)

Elite Screens offer a range of manual and electric/ motorised projection screens. Our range is versatile to meet any requirement for residential, commercial, audio visual or entertainment.

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Screen International Customised Projection Screens

Screen International specialises in producing professional and Home Theatre customised to any size requirement.



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Martin by HARMAN

Rental, Staging, Theatre and Architectural Lighting and Control, and effects fixtures. Martin Professional is the lighting supplier of choice for lighting designers, rental houses, and installers across the architectural, commercial and entertainment worlds. Martin is a Danish manufacturer and a brand of HARMAN Professional.

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An Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of professional lighting & video products for the entertainment, event, broadcast and installation markets.

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Luminex Network Intelligence

Live Events/Entertainment Data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications. Luminex offer A complete range of network switches, converters/nodes and DMX splitters.

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Milos Structural Systems

Trussing, Staging Roofs and Decking Solutions. Milos is a part of Area Four Industries group, now the world’s largest aluminium trussing and staging manufacturer.

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CM-ET (Columbus Mckinnon Entertainment Technologies)

CM-ET electric chain motors, ratchet hoists, chain and rigging products. CM-ET is an entertainment industry leader in providing quality lifting and positioning equipment for riggers around the globe.

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Specialising in the design, build and installation of motion control systems for the entertainment industry. In-house facilities include hardware and software design, product design and system integration.

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Manufacturer of creative, decorative and iconic stage lighting designs, which have become well-known in concerts and productions across the world. Their range includes the P1 Retro Lamp, P2 Hexaline and P3 Pixel.

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A product of Electrosonic SA, offering quality LED products for the Rental, Staging and installation industries.

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Extremely popular with concerts and staging events, the Sparkular is a revolutionary gunpowder-free stage fountain special effects device.

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SNAP is a novel truss tool that revolutionizes the attachment and organization of cables and sockets within truss designs.

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Green-GO Communications

The Green-GO communications system is an Ethernet network based digital intercom system. Users can talk to multiple groups and/or direct to other users.

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RGBlink is known for innovative manufacturing of streaming equipment, vision mixers, switchers & scalers, and Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) specifically designed for the live events industry.

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Obsidian Control Systems

Over 25 years of experience developing professional entertainment lighting control solutions for automated and theatrical lighting fixtures. Their equipment is also used for Concert Stage, Rental / Production, Studio/Broadcast, House of Worship, Corporate AV, Exhibitions, Night Clubs / Leisure, Theme Parks and Cruise Ships.



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