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Say goodbye to missing a single precious moment with this affordable video solution

By Sithembiso Xaba

Say goodbye to missing a single precious moment with this affordable video solution
The world is in constant evolution, and the need to adapt is inevitable. With social distancing restrictions affecting us all, there’s a new found respect for freedom. We are no longer able to gather together to host events, ceremonies and special occasions.

However, these restrictions only apply to physical attendance. In the virtual world, there is no limit to the number or location of the guests.

Some events, such as funerals, cannot be postponed indefinitely. While some couples simply can’t consider postponing their weddings because they cannot accommodate their guests.

Technology has come to our rescue in the form of live streaming.

It is now possible to live stream an event with minimal setup, expertise and personnel and still have a professional result with a two or even three camera setup. It’s even possible to automate cameras to automatically track and frame a participant. The AREC Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera allows the presenter to walk around freely while the camera tracks all the movements. This is a great way to allow presenters the freedom to move around during the event without the need for the cameraman to be available.

This technology allows one to have a small gathering at the chosen location, to live stream and record the event for all the guests wherever they are in the world. They’ll be able to see, hear and experience the event as if they were there, in real time. They could do all this without the need for any special equipment or software. All they’ll need is access to the YouTube channel using their personal computers or mobile devices, from anywhere in the world. For those who can’t watch the ceremony live, they could watch at a more convenient time.

Event organisers or venues could purchase or hire the equipment and offer it as an additional service and generate additional income. In fact, this technology will stay relevant long after the pandemic is over as they’ll always be guests who are unable to attend due to distance and other constraints.

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The solution offered would consist of a simple setup using a Media Station and one or two cameras. Inputs to the system include VGA, HDMI, audio and IP sources. The system is simple to set up and operations is done through a single record button. Pressing record would record your event (including the individual videos for post-production editing if required) while simultaneously streaming your event to up to 2 separate sites like YouTube, Facebook, UStream, Twitch and other live stream broadcasting sites. The solution would stream the event on your local network at the same time. This is useful for overflow venues, mother’s room and other relevant applications. Quick, easy, simple yet it is a very powerful solution. In short, anyone can press the record button and have their event recorded and streamed simultaneously.

Applications include graduation ceremonies, religious messages, weddings, funerals or any other important event – these products are within arm’s reach and you can watch every second as the events unfold.

A complete solution for capturing, recording, and streaming out the box is the answer. With multi-source live streaming capabilities to broadcast on YouTube or Facebook, the AREC KL-3WT Media Station is at your service. It’s a wireless, portable and all-in-one device, which allows users to simultaneously capture, switch, mix, stream and record live events in a simple and efficient way.

When connected to the Lumens VC-A50P PTZ IP Camera, you’re guaranteed a seamless connection. They produce the best image quality and with low latency, meaning, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any lags or disconnections. Plus, this powerful camera delivers a clear image even in low light or extremely bright settings. It covers a wide shooting angle and achieves high-speed, quiet, and precise positioning with smooth PTZ operations.

Electrosonic offers some of the best world class equipment and these include; Arec Media Station LS-200, Arec Media Station LS-300, Arec Media Station KL-3W, Arec Media Station KL-3WT, Arec Auto-Tracking Camera CI-T21H, Arec Wireless Microphone AM-601, Lumens VC-B30U, Lumens VC-A50P, AREC AM600, and many more.

To inquire about the amazing and affordable offers we have on various solutions, visit our website or contact our ProAV team on +27 (0) 11 770 9800 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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